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The learner experience

by | Apr 18, 2022 | LMS, Online Learning | 0 comments

An LMS helps business trainers, teachers, and consultants to create high quality integrated course, articles, tests, track progress, create a branded environment, easily sharing objectives and community learning.

We use Moodle to develop a modern interface integrated with the most cutting-edge communication technologies available, providing the students with a user-friendly tool that will support engagement in a reliable and user-friendly hybrid learning environment.

Our LMS is all about communities and is design with participation in mind, course participants are encouraged to establish a personalized online identity, to share their ideas, and to play an active role in learning experiences.

Workgroups can be created that support peer assessment and feedback. Learning groups can be defined in a way that they proceed as cohorts through lesson activities, where they are made visible or separate from other groups sharing the same course. Courses can be shared by multiple teachers, tutors, and facilitators.

Our solution provides teacher/trainers with an intuitive editing interface. Introducing new learning activities is as simple as selecting items from a drop-down box.

Danta LMS runs on many platforms including: Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X and more

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