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Welcome to the Eucerin day

Virtual stage

The Eucerin Virtual Day

Year: 2022

Category: Portfolio

Technology: Moodle & H5P

Eucerin (Beiersdorf) & H5P  Virtual Stage

The mission: 

To develop a user-friendly web application that would allow participants to interact with the company results, new products, trivia, and testimonials from customers.


Easy to access, navigate, and simple enough to avoid user errors.

Track participants and reports

Robust enough to have all the participants to log at the same time

The Solution

We used an LMS and integrated H5p to create the virtual menu.

The results: 

User-friendly interface

Easy integration

Content management

Easy to access

Blended learning features

Assessments and testing

Report and tracking



Virtual Event Eucerin

How does it work?

1. Login with company email, no need for password as the participants’ information was uploaded in the LMS

2. Participants can view videos, see new launches and testimonials.

3. Once all the content is review, participants will be able to participate in a trivia and management would give prices to the best results overall.